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Ice paint

Since 1974, we have been providing outstanding ice paint services. Call today:

Ice paint

Ice paint colors

Ice white

Ice Paint is a specially formulated liquid base coat and color coat for Hockey rinks and Curling centers. Liquid base and colors eliminate mixing or storing messy powders. Ice Paint contains no VOC or HAP solvents and do not interfere with the freeze of the rink. Ice Paint is biodegradable, so when it's time to remove your rink, it meets regulatory standards for wastewater.

Premixed colors, Blue line-Blue Crease-Red Line. Specialty colors available by request, Black-Green-Yellow-Brown-etc. Special effects colors also available, Fluorescent-Black Light glow-etc.


Time lapse of curling rink install: 


Ice White is a liquid concentrate, mixed with water to create the white rink base. Standard rinks 200'-85' typically use 4-5 gallon pails of concentrate, mixed with 100 gallons of water per flood. Typically rinks will flood white twice for TV brightness.